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Originally Posted by njl View Post
...Back when I first got started >10 years ago, some of us were pretty vocal about how moving to some kind of scanned bubble sheets would speed up the data entry. Obviously, that never happened. It just occurred to me though, with the leaps technology has made in that time, how far off might we be from the following setup:.....

...It's something to dream about at least.
I'm a super-techie and considered and suggested a similar system about 3-4 years ago when I got into GSSF. It only takes a casual observer a couple of minutes and one single match to realize there are MUCH better ways to do this. The technology was there >10 years ago; now the technology is cheaper and easier to implement.

Unfortunately, this largely falls on deaf ears. GSSFs IT savvy and (apparently) budget is nil. They can't get past the same old website they've had for (??) years and keep GSSF documents up-to-date.
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