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10 years ago, as Danny said, it took way longer. At least we generally have preliminary results within about a week of the match now. Back when I first got started >10 years ago, some of us were pretty vocal about how moving to some kind of scanned bubble sheets would speed up the data entry. Obviously, that never happened. It just occurred to me though, with the leaps technology has made in that time, how far off might we be from the following setup:

At registration, they print and hand you a single "card" per entry with a 2-D bar code and the human readable text for your name/entry number/division. At each stage, the scorer has a tablet (ipad, android, whatever). They scan your code card, the tablet brings up a representation of a score sheet with your name and entry # on it. As you shoot, your times are recorded in the app. When finished, your scores are entered. Once approved (by scanning your card again), the score is uploaded to "the server" and maybe emailed to the competitor. At the end of the match, GSSF snags a CSV dump from the server, imports it into their spreadsheet software, does whatever calculating they need to do, and export a PDF.

The technology for that is all here today. The only things stopping that from being a reality are the cost of the hardware, programming, and IT personnel it'd take to make it happen. With that, you could have preliminary results as soon as the match is over (actually, preliminary results could be viewable in real time as the match progresses and the whole data to PDF part could actually be automated or skipped in favor of html generated from data in the scores db).

I suspect they'd need enough spare tablets to swap them out at least once during the day for battery charging. It'd probably be a few grand each in hardware and software, and they'd need either internet or a local WIFI network setup at each match.

It's something to dream about at least.
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