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Originally Posted by PM720 View Post
To all the guys that have these wonderful clubs that post results the same day or a day or 2 later, how many of these could do this with 500 to a 1000 entries? And allow a protest period?...
I think you may have been reading too fast to gather context.

The comments about "clubs having results posted same day" weren't made as a reflection about GSSF.

The OP also went on to post that he didn't shoot USPSA because of long delays for results, the several replies I saw to that (mine was one) addressed local **USPSA** results. Nothing to do with GSSF. So you have to be aware that there are TWO conversations within this one thread.

Now, regarding the GSSF stuff... I think GSSF does a find job on the prelims, but certainly think they could cut down the time on making the results final. After all.... if someone doesn't have a computer, they're not even going to know what their results ARE, to dispute them, irght? And two weeks is more than enough time to get online and look at your scores.

If you don't care enough to get online and look at your scores within two weeks, you obviously don't care enough about the competition for it to matter anyway. Or you know you're not in the top 3-5 or something.
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