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GSSF staffers have to attend each and every match.

They can only do finals when they are actually in the office.

They typically travel to a match on a Thursday or Friday, do the match Saturday/Sunday, and travel back on Monday.

Which typically leaves them Tuesday & Wednesday to do "office stuff" which not only includes doing final results and awards, but gathering and shipping the match stuff necessary for the match they are doing two weeks out.

"Oh, sorry, the targets/scoresheets/pasters/timers did not get here in time for this match because two weeks ago, I took 2 days to get out the awards from the XYZ match that happened 3 weeks ago. Sorry, you 200 people with guns who showed up here today, expecting a match, but I am afraid you are just going to have to turn around and go home. However, I am sure you will be happy to know that the participants of the XYZ match DID get their awards, and are happy at your sacrifice. "


And this time of year, full-time GSSF staffers are doing 2, sometimes three, weekends PER MONTH.

It is not a question of how "slow" they are in getting finals and awards out.

It is a miracle that they get them out as FAST as they ARE.

So quit your whining, and stop biting the hand that feeds you.
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