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Originally Posted by KiloBravo View Post
From a LEO perspective:

OP, where were you when the manhunt occurred? My guess is no where close to the greater Boston area. I also guess that you don't know anything about law enforcement. Why don't you go apply, and willingly take a sworn oath to lay down your life to protect a community or even a state full of strangers? I fully support what the LEOs did in Boston and I am damn proud of them for catching the SOB that killed and wounded innocent American citizens.
Once again, a civilian was the one who found him but yeah, LE lit him up. I'm not the OP obviously and we will see what he says but I do have about 20yrs in LE. I didn't take an oath to lay down my life. I took an oath to uphold the Constitution. Big difference obviously.

Originally Posted by KiloBravo View Post
Police work is not always unicorns and rainbows and it always involves pissing off one group of people or another. You can't make everybody happy all of the time.

Sure. Don't be a cop if you want folks to like you.

Originally Posted by KiloBravo View Post
OP, I ask you if you would have thought the police actions were appropriate if one of the people blown to hell by a bomb was a family member of your's?

Well I dunno how he will answer but I will say that when we use emotion to determine the Constitutionality of our actions, we are already screwed.

Originally Posted by KiloBravo View Post
Lastly, there has been no hard evidence that I have seen to lead me to believe that any mis conduct occurred on the part of law enforcement.
I dunno, I wasn't there. Were you? I live in the Lone Star State but I also know the Feds lied about confiscating guns in NOLA during Katrina. They also screwed the pooch at Ruby Ridge and Waco so I find it real easy to believe LE would search a home without permission in violation of the Constitution. I can also see where they would cover it up or downplay their actions in a sue happy culture.

I try to keep my tinfoil off my head but I see how the Feds could view this as an indicator of just what the populace will allow when, not if, that time comes. It's a slippery slope and we are sliding down it.
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