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Originally Posted by Gunny Lingus View Post
I'm not in Boston, but I suspect if you had any contraband, it would be hidden before they forced their way into your home. Since they were looking for a person, I doubt they would look in drawers, cabinets, and other small areas for drugs. They didn't have time.

But if you were in the middle of burning a big ol' doob, or had a Kilo of white powder on a table, or a meth lab, it may be a different story.

FWIW, they weren't going door to door searching for a terrorist. They went door to door searching for a terrorist who killed a cop. Get used to seeing those heavy handed tactics. Especially in the NE.
I bet the minute the police started looking for the suspects anyone with any kind of weight moved their drugs out Boston. Anyone who kept them put them near the toilet.

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