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Originally Posted by ronin.45 View Post
I'll admit that patience is not my strong suit. It's one of the reasons I rarely shoot USPSA. The ridiculous scoring takes too long to post.
This venue teaches us to slow down and not rush, Must be slow to be accurate to avoid penalties,yet fast enough to keep the times low,

This entire venue is all about waiting

We have to wait for the event,then wait for our credit card to be charged the Wednesday before the event,waiting to pick up our stickers,waiting to get on the sign in sheet,waiting to give in your stickers,waiting to get on the tree,waiting on deck,waiting for the pre lims,waiting on the finals,waiting on the certificate or the prize, waiting for the next event again,

I would say to anybody who doesnt have the ability to wait for things and need to be gratified instantly ,this may not be a good venue for you.

the shooting part of this venue as we know if all goes well should only be a couple of seconds.

This venue is all about waiting

All that being said . I absolutely love and enjoy every bit of the venue except all the grumblings of the people who don't realize waiting is a large part of this venue.

I also think the journey to a destination most of the time is far better then the destination it self, that being said I actually enjoy the days and weeks after an event daydreaming and thinking about what gun I am going to purchase when I win a random gun certificate, it helps me pass the time while waiting for the next event in my area,like buying a lotto ticket its so much fun thinking about what you may win, once the result post you cant day dream about it anymore

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