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Originally Posted by ronin.45 View Post
I'll admit that patience is not my strong suit. It's one of the reasons I rarely shoot USPSA. The ridiculous scoring takes too long to post.
Try going up to the clubhouse and helping GSSF sort "1800" (or more) scoresheets by hand, by entry number for computer entry (and later reference). You'll get an idea of the enormity of the job to get prelims up so quickly. Perhaps GSSF isn't your sport if you can't wait 30 days for corrections. If those required corrections were your scores, you may appreciate the delay a little more.

Originally Posted by ronin.45 View Post
Most small matches around here take the better part of a week. Bigger matches usually two or three days. I've seen some matches going to computerized scoring with tablets. That is a huge improvement that can get scores out in an hour or so after the match wraps up.

I much prefer IDPA scoring. I know before I leave if I won or not.
...and you know that how? Does everyone keep track of their own scores and exchange notes before leaving the range? We have ~40 shooters at our IDPA matches and 4 squads and it's like herding cats to get them squadded and shooting - then all but a few take off before tear-down.

If I wait 2 or 3 or 4 days for IDPA or Steel Challenge or Bowling Pin scores, I am very happy with that because someone else is taking their own time to do that for the shooting masses within their discipline.

I must be the perfect competitor; I'm an IDPA SO, Steel and Pins and GSSF RO, help set up, help tear down, and never complain about scoring delays. Try it at IDPA and GSSF sometime. GSSF always welcomes the help and it will get you closer to understanding the system and what’s involved.
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