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How much dishonesty can you take?

Long story short, I'm 25 my girlfriend is 24. We've been together 6 months, and she is the love of my life-I thought I had found the " One "

As it turns out-she has continued to talk to several men she met from an online dating site-when I saw the names in her phone and casually asked who they were, she said they were high school friends.

Not only that, she gave her phone number to a female work friend, and said to her " Give my number to someone you think would want to hang out with me " and the next day some guy named Jordan started talking to her. She admitted he had asked her out to the park, and she said it was a " Possibility "

She also contacted her ex boyfriend last week, to see if he still had a computer for sale. When I finally confronted her, for these numberous indiscretions, she said she just wanted " More friends " and they were a " Distraction " because me and her had been arguing lately.

I'm deeply hurt by all of this, but she says she loves me, and she only wanted friendship from these other men.

Sigh. Advice is highly needed.
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