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Originally Posted by RenoF250 View Post
Are you sure it was shot? My cat has a wound that looks similar (hard to really see in the pic) on his front leg - BB size hole - space - BB size hole but the vet says it was likely a bite from another cat. He is B&W like your cat too.
That's a good possibility. Lots of animals out there wanting to eat a cat.

My own cat was almost gotten by coyotes. I heard the cat fighting noises and flew out of the house, no clothes, gun in hand, searched, then found my cat in the barn pretty much in shock with some tail flesh missing.

Paw prints around my truck confirmed it. Looked like she got attacked but made it under there. They circled and maybe would have got her out. But I came out the door in time. I never saw them, but it was two sets of tracks.

I put her in my basement for a week, then she cautiously started moving around again. Healed to a gruesome scab in a month. About 6 months to a full healing, with fur grown back. Now not easy to notice at all. She seems more caitious about going outside, but still does go out, just not as much. It is her choice. I have a litter box in the house, and she gets along with the German Shepherd. Cat likes to go out and kill field mice though.

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