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Originally Posted by jame View Post
We live in the sticks. My nearest neighbor is about a mile away. She was outside for about two hours, and there's no way in hell she made it up the road to the next farm and back in that time.

That means that I've:

A. Got some jerk messing around in the back of the farm I have yet to catch. Flippin' trespassing hillbillies really tick me off.


B. We've got some stupid kid tearing up the roads shooting at signs, acreages and such.

I have grandkids playing in the yard all the time. The thought of some idiot taking potshots at property, livestock, and pets really riles my chains.

Most likely a self-correcting problem. When someone does catch them, I suspect they will be strongly incentivized to change their ways. I agree, though, is inexcusable behavior.
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