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Originally Posted by Taterhead View Post
14.9 gr of A9 under a 180 is still current print and is still found in the HDY #9 manual. Curious about what version you are working from?
You are correct. My Hornady number Four manual does not contain this load. Neither does my 10mm Loadbooks, Copyright 2000. But, my Hornady number Five manual does contain the load.

If you think that's bad, my Speer #11 manual jumps straight from .35 Remington to .41 Magnum (so, the load wasn't in that one either ).

Originally Posted by Taterhead View Post
I have found that most HDY load data has maxes that are higher than Accurate maxes. I haven't found the 10mm data at all wimpy (at least for the powders I run).
That's the funny thing about Hornady. I used them for a load on 147 grain 9mm with 4756 which would not even cycle any of my 9mms. That was the middle of the range they listed, so rather than just go up .2 of a grain, I used a load from another manual that increased .6 of a grain. This led to case ruptures.

Originally Posted by Taterhead - re: Hornady Manual View Post
800-X with a 180 is probably a load that needs to be revised down - especially considering where Underwood loads to. That one is smoking hot!
Up until I heard you say this, I tended to trust Hornady's data. I guess it's time to second and third source everything.

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