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Originally Posted by ShallNotBeInfringed View Post
Judging by the price, I would bet this is anything but tactical.

Please update this thread with a review of this product when it arrives.
I have two already. My daily wear is one I have had since early 2009ish. As I stated, the only issue I have with it is the Permastiff broke at the hole(s) I use all the time. The leather around the Permastiff still holds fine and the Permastiff in the belt is still fully functional. The black on the leather has worn down to brown, in a few spots.

Here's some pics:

Carry Issues

Carry Issues

The other is one is used a few weeks out of the year and still looks new. The Permastiff does stay bent at the hole I use all the time, but I find that a non-issue.
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