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Originally Posted by G19 driver View Post
Forgot to mention that the sign you have a link to does not matter to me. With an enhanced permit I can legally walk right past that one. If someone notices me carrying, that would never happen, they can ask me to leave, and I have to comply. It's the Biloxi Mississippi signs that are the possible problem. They say the no weapon thing and trespassing then the ms code for trespassing is at the bottom of the sign.
The Enhanced CCW is why I mentioned that. I too have it. If those signs referencing 45-9-101 are what is being handed out by some, then I am good to go. My point was why pass out a sign referencing a law that is trumped by another law that will allow those with the Enhancement to legally walk by? The difference being regular CCW= no training, Enhanced = training. Maybe that is their intention. I don't know. But as you pointed out, the signs referencing trespassing are a different matter. Either way, concealed is concealed.

ETA- Whether or not to get the Enhancement class was a no brainer to me.

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