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Originally Posted by whoflungdo View Post

MS is a right to work state. Most employers will cover this in an employee handbook. If disallowed the employee can be terminated but still not violate the law.
Please don't conflate Right to Work with At-Will Employment. RTW only relates to forced union membership in order to hold a job. At-Will means you can be released from your job for absolutely any or no reason at all with no notice with no recourse with the exception of federal discrimination laws or normal contract law.

Originally Posted by HerrGlock View Post
Same as when CCW went in during the past 10 years or so.

Signs EVERYWHERE. OH, WI, KS, etc.

Then a year later, a smattering of signs stayed up. If you're really curious, watch all the places with signs, make notes as you walk down the street then a year later go back down the street with your lists and see how many are still there.
I'll take some exception here in the case of KS. I go there due to family and business fairly often so I've noticed the signs have persisted well beyond my experience in OK. I suspect this is because the sign has the law behind it rather than a simple trespass notice.

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The MS "enhanced license" is on one hand, nonsensical - at least to us in states that have to get training just to get a license, and on another hand common sense on strictly limiting the areas restricted to concealed carriers.

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