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Originally Posted by MinervaDoe View Post
I can't find that load in my manual.

This manual lets you compare data from a half dozen different sources.
The Hornady data that you cite is actually similar to the load provided by Accurate Arms for a 180 grain JHP.
That surprised me because Hornady is usually very conservative. Again, I could not find a load for AA#9 for a 180 grain bullet in my Hornady manual.
14.9 gr of A9 under a 180 is still current print and is still found in the HDY #9 manual. Curious about what version you are working from? By the way, that A9/180 HDY load is in Loadbooks too (at least in the two versions that I have).

I have found that most HDY load data has maxes that are higher than Accurate maxes. I haven't found the 10mm data at all wimpy (at least for the powders I run). 800-X with a 180 is probably a load that needs to be revised down - especially considering where Underwood loads to. That one is smoking hot!
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