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HB 2 was supposed to clarify what is concealed carry and remove the "grey" area, and therefore over riding a previous precedent regarding being "concealed in whole or in part," and in doing so, clarified open carry as legal since nothing in the MS constitution prohibits open carry. This is how it has been explained to me. Someone help me if I got that wrong!

According to MS code 97-37-7, MS enhance conceal carry can lawfully carry anywhere in the state except for 1)courtrooms with court in session, 2)LEO offices, 3)jails/detention facilities, and 4)places of nuisances (fed property is a given). That code allows an enhanced CCW carrier to carry past a "No Guns" sign and anywhere else in the state with the exception of the 4 places listed above without being in violation of any FIREARMS laws. But you must leave at the request of the property owner or face trespassing charges.

Now the new "grey" area as I understand it is, by walking past the "NO Guns" sign, does the property owner still have to "ask" an Enhanced CCW to leave or will you be automatically charged with trespassing for walking past the sign? As stated, walking past the sign is not a firearms law violation with the Enhancement, but could be a trespassing charge. This also applies to law enforcement when not on duty, as per the AG. It has come down to a discussion of a property owners rights. But in my mind, concealed is concealed and I await some further clarification so I can make any adjustments to how and where I carry if needed.

I think it boils down to open carry being a new and foreign idea to some. I personally will not open carry as I prefer conceal carry, but that will be MY choice should the law take affect. I would like to see folks have a choice. YMMV

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