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Originally Posted by HerrGlock View Post
I've often said if "they" ever have a phone number to turn in illegal gun owners I was going to use it to call in my suspicions about every person I've ever met who argued anti-rights. If it's good enough for gun owners, it's good enough for anti-rights types too.
I used to be against all forms of gun control, but I have been convinced by the Democrats we need some. Democrats, ObamaZomies, and other felons are dangerous and should not be armed.

I live in an eight unit building in an apartment complex. One guy upstairs is kind of a gun nut told me he was the only armed person in the neighborhood. I told him I do not know anyone who is NOT armed. I then told him about my armed significant others.

I found out one is. He was a drug dealer who armed himself after a conviction. He was then caught with arms after that and convicted. He refurbishes apartments when they come empty and we all watch him.

We have started reminding him to make his appointments with his parole officer, since he got rearrested for failing to report. I doubt he has firearms because we would report him in a heartbeat.

I do not do an open carry because it would alarm the night security and, likely, hurt his feelings. He only gets to carry pepper spray. We got them when we had some car break-ins and car thefts.

Regarding lists of armed homeowners, I am retired and do not get any live fire exercises. So, I do not want my name on that list. It might scare away an opportunity.

If we have an anti-gun type in our neighborhood, they are being VERY QUIET about it.
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