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Originally Posted by dango View Post
Everything here is mostly light hearted humor and human.!
We laugh here , cry here and I personally have found sanctuary from the gloom and dark side..!

No one or thing is taken for granted and I for one am honored to be accepted here.! This is one of very few places I feel at home.!

You have caught me in my crying mode for I , like the others ,
Am faced with a loss and void..!

Back in it's time, the OAF was always a place that you could find your "internet friends" and share a laugh or 20 when you just needed to chill out for a while at the end of a day at work...and some could do it during their day at work.

But you could also find a friend to cheer you up, and friends to pray for you if things weren't going your way, or if someone you loved was hurting.

Whatever it was, you'd find what you needed with someone here in the OAF.

We all still have 3-D lives, for sure, but the OAF was special, too.

I think this is the saddest thing that has happened in my memory here. We lost one of our most beloved.

And I've seen some people return to GT just because it was

We love you, Okie! RIP!


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