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Originally Posted by dango View Post
Everything here is mostly light hearted humor and human.!
We laugh here , cry here and I personally have found sanctuary from the gloom and dark side..!

No one or thing is taken for granted and I for one am honored to be accepted here.! This is one of very few places I feel at home.!

You have caught me in my crying mode for I , like the others ,
Am faced with a loss and void..!

My mother used to say, supposedly quoting the Bible, "This too shall pass." I figured out that mean all good, and bad, are not permanent. Since my Father died before I was 3 and I understood this in a very personal way. I had just learned to talk from him when he died from a concussion due to a car accident.

A line in the Patton movie talks about all glory being fleeting:
"For over a thousand years, Roman conquerors returning from the wars enjoyed the honor of a triumph - a tumultuous parade. In the procession came trumpeters and musicians and strange animals from the conquered territories, together with carts laden with treasure and captured armaments. The conqueror rode in a triumphal chariot, the dazed prisoners walking in chains before him. Sometimes his children, robed in white, stood with him in the chariot, or rode the trace horses. A slave stood behind the conqueror, holding a golden crown, and whispering in his ear a warning: That all glory is fleeting."

Those whom I live with when there is stress, I just say, "It'll be okay." And, eventually, it is. Even trouble is limited to a season.
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