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Everyone, thanks for the good advice. Of course, I would prefer that young people simple obey the rules and no late night Internet. No matter what you're doing, not getting at least 6 hours of sleep is bad for your health.

I fear that there are a lot of addicted kids out there that cannot put down the digital crackpipe.

I'm fine with him doing programming projects but he also needs a job.

My solution is encouraging to get a part time job, work and learn under other adults, program projects in your free time, and get a life (cars, girls, loud music, rock concerts, Comicon, range visits, etc).

Not all Internet and gaming, all of the time.

I think we're all trying to raise responsible citizens and that means respecting the rules and the authority. Internal controls might not cut it so I may have to go for external controls for a short time to train him.
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