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I've got a Colt Delta in stainless and a Glock 20SF. I've got no complaints with either one. No trouble finding ammo even through the latest big scare.

I cast bullets for it and reload. When I bought the gun I decide that's the way to go and just bought the mould, dies, and a 1,000 Starline brass all at the same time. It's the only way to go if you are going to shoot a gun IMHO. I'd never do it any other way again. I measure my ammo supply in how many full gallon jugs I've got left.

Both guns have functioned flawlessly with every thing I've run through them, full power, heavy bullets, light bullets, lead, jacketed, hollow points. They are both hand guns but they are two different styles and have different advantages over each other. The obvious Glock vs 1911, most every argument is all true on both sides until they get frustrated and start claiming one is more reliable than another, limp wristing, or what ever. They are what they are.

Yes the Glock holds 15 rounds of ammo, duh.

Yes the 1911 is thinner and is a lot more comfortable to wear all day on a belt in my Galco Fletch than the Glock in a Kydex belt holster in the same position.

Yes the 1911 trigger is crisp as breaking glass, the Glock trigger feels more like it belongs on a Red Ryder BB gun than a $500 modern handgun.

No, plastic doesn't rust or scratch as easy.

I don't get how people get so butthurt argueing over these aspects though it is pretty hilarious. If you buy one expecting the other, you are going to have a bad day trying to convince yourself you are happy about it.

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