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Originally Posted by drew4691 View Post
On my Linksys router, there's an "Access Restrictions" tab. You can set up the policy you have stated... You can select by IP address or MAC address. (I would choose MAC address, since IP's can change). Everyday from certain time to certain time. You have to set the ports you want blocked.. but thats pretty easy. 80 is web traffic and 443 is https traffic. That will shut down Netflix, Facebook, Google, etc. Like what was said before, kids are resourceful, so they could figure a way to bypass it.
Exactly this.

As long as they can't log into the router, this will work just fine. When my sister got her first computer, she was CONSTANTLY on it for hours. My parents asked me to somehow restrict her access.. it was very easy with a Linksys router. It's actually quite easy with a Netgear router as well. I'm actually surprised its not possible with a Belkin... what model router is this?

Look in the router management for "Schedule" and "Access restrictions".

It's pretty basic how you do this. As mentioned, first.. use your router to find the IP/Mac addresses for the devices on your network that you want to block.

After you know that, you set a schedule. We'll say, M-F, 2200-0600.
Then you set what is going to be restricted during those hours. Most of the time, there will be "LOTS" of options here... FTP, SSH, etc. Just choose 'All'.
Then set the Mac address/IP address this rule will apply to.
Hit apply to save the changes.
Listen to your kids fuss M-F, 2200-0600.

If they use Windows... you might be able to get some parental control software, but as mentioned, kids are very resourceful, and it's likely they'd find a way around it.... It would be best to try via your router.

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