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Just going off the video... The property they are on is currently owned by the City of Charlotte. The property is a vacant mall. The property was given to the military to conduct an exercise. A military member came up to the guy and told him to leave. The guy obviously didn't so the military member got an officer who was working it to leave. To arrest for trespassing, you either have to be banned previously or you have to be told in the presence of those who own or are in control of the property to leave.

The military guy told the officer he wanted him to leave, told the guy to leave again in the officer's presence and the guy refused so they arrested him for 2nd Degree Trespassing.

You can hear in the film after he's been arrested the military guy saying "I don't care that you're filming, you are just filming from the wrong spot and it's not safe where you're standing."

It is a very clear cut 2nd Degree Trespass case.

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