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Originally Posted by drew4691 View Post
On my Linksys router, there's an "Access Restrictions" tab. You can set up the policy you have stated... You can select by IP address or MAC address. (I would choose MAC address, since IP's can change). Everyday from certain time to certain time. You have to set the ports you want blocked.. but thats pretty easy. 80 is web traffic and 443 is https traffic. That will shut down Netflix, Facebook, Google, etc. Like what was said before, kids are resourceful, so they could figure a way to bypass it.
My boys best friend would show him how to spoof his mac address and vpn around the port blocking.

By powering down the wireless none of that matters. I have a couple of hard wired connections available (like at the kitchen table) if the kids want to bring the laptop out with the parents and plug in. Otherwise, when the internet is off, it's off.
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