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Tanfoglio Witness 10mm. While its reputation isn't the best, the same could be said for myself. The gun hasn't let me down once with factory ammo. It only malfunctioned with a box of improperly loaded 10mm range reloads. Not a single malfunction with any factory ammo ive used, from 180 grain putt-putt Hornady to Double Tap and Cor-Bon nuclear loads. I even carried it for a time.

I picked it because the 1006 has the same frame as the 4506, and I couldn't shoot that gun worth a rats in DA. The combination of single stack frame and heavy DA pull meant a missed shot. I ran hundreds of rounds of .45 ACP through it and couldn't get an A zone hit in DA, ever . I changed grips, changed stances......and all in vain. It was a painful moment when I sold that gun. The 4506/1006 is a nice piece, but in a defensive scenario I may as well throw it at the scumbag.

Not only that, its impossible to acquire for under $1000-and 10mm 1911s have the same problem.

Glock's Model 20 doesn't fit my hand any better then the 4506 did, so that left the Witness. It seemed to be a risk given the online research, but its paid off in my case. The best $420 ive ever spent.

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