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Originally Posted by HerrGlock View Post
Now here's one for people to think about.

When can out of staters drive through Chicago with a CCW on their hip? As soon as it's signed? 60 days? 90 days?

I know the state police have 180 days to implement but when does the actual law take effect?

This is the one point that is amusing as hell whenever a new state passes this law, out of state people with permits recognized can carry sooner than instate people.

(edit) I see this in many of the articles

So out of state people driving from Indiana to Wisconsin could carry Wed morning if the veto is overridden.

I kinda feel sorry for the first handful of people who get pulled over and say, "I'm carrying a handgun on my hip..."
I believe you can only carry from out of state as long as you are simply driving through IL to get to another destination (as you mentioned) and you do not exit your vehicle. You will want to verify this yourself before trying it, but I believe I remember that being the case.

If you plan on actually carrying in IL you will need a non-resident permit which will take just as long as a resident permit and will also cost you $300.

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