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Originally Posted by Drjones View Post
True, I just figure that ANYTHING worth keeping around at all, is worth backing up. Maybe not making multiple backups, and off-site backups, but backups nonetheless.
In ideal world, yes, all data should be backed up. In the real world, however, backup storage and bandwidth are not unlimited. So you have to range your data from "irreplaceable, backup at all costs" to "somewhat hard to recreate, backup whenever the budget allows" to "commonly found, no big deal if it gets lost".

Scary stuff there. There is something fundamentally wrong about a RAID that does not report a dead array member.

Oh, I never said it would be less reliable. Just that it's a little more work, and again some of the comments I've read in various places on the internet make me a little nervous about consumer grade RAID.
As long as you not replacing regular backups with RAID, I don't see a problem. As far as work, rebuilding a RAID is far less work than restoring a backup (and all your data stays accessible in the process).
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