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Originally Posted by CitizenOfDreams View Post
Mainly, not having to restore data from backup when one of the hard drives goes "click-click-click". Also, storing "semi-important" data that's not worth backing up (e.g. downloaded videos to watch and forget).
True, I just figure that ANYTHING worth keeping around at all, is worth backing up. Maybe not making multiple backups, and off-site backups, but backups nonetheless.

I think I do remember that thread. That's where you had to reformat your array after a firmware upgrade? My software RAID (Intel Rapid Storage) didn't seem to have those problems. It kept working after a BIOS upgrade, an HDD firmware upgrade, and a driver upgrade.

Nope, this thread:

I don't see how RAID10, even a fake RAID10, can be less reliable than a standalone drive.
Oh, I never said it would be less reliable. Just that it's a little more work, and again some of the comments I've read in various places on the internet make me a little nervous about consumer grade RAID.
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