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Originally Posted by clarson_75 View Post
I knew the liberals would argue their way into a corner. You are from Ill. aren't you Herr? Do you think constitutional carry will take effect?
Nope, I've driven through Chicago a few times is as close to living there as I've ever come.

My guess: They're going to override the veto tomorrow, it's going to be the one they passed and Quinn is going to bluster and whine until dooms day.

The state police will whine about having only 30 days to turn around licenses and the first ones will go out about 45-60 days after they're submitted.

A handful of people will be arrested for minor violations (in posted store) and some of the cops will try to make examples of these people.

There will be lawsuits galore with the state guys dragging their feet. The Chicago way of life will get turned all screwy because they have to issue permits and aren't allowed to have anything resembling the iron hand they've been used to.

Somewhere around January the first permits will hit the streets and Chicago politicians will be griping, moaning and complaining for years.

Next year one of the first things on the agenda state politician-wise will be adding restrictions on the permits followed by some amendments from down state relaxing the permit requirements and off limits places.
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