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Originally Posted by crazymoose View Post
Not going to weigh in on whether I think it's a good or bad thing, but there is a definite trend toward militarization of the police forces going on nationwide.

When I was a kid, cops most places looked basically like civilians in police uniforms and carried shotguns and revolvers. Now, as you said, most of them wear military haircuts and are issued AR's, and just about every department either has its own SWAT/SRT team or participates in a regional joint group.
I grew up in the 1970s and remember how cops looked back then. Bushy hair and hairy mustaches. And yes, I was like that too. Then in the 1980s I went with a rat tail! But that was stylish! Now I find crewcuts much more practical.

I do agree that U.S. LE has been forced to ramp up their equipment in response to many, many more BGs who are moving towards AK/AR rifles as their weapon of choice. I would not expect LEOs to go after long gun armed BGs with 6-shooters.
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