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Originally Posted by CitizenOfDreams View Post
So, which option should I choose, and what exactly will I gain from a better RAID controller? I am planning to use the machine for video editing and light gaming (think Starcraft, not Halo 6).

Apart from a RAID 0 for a possible performance increase, I'm not sure what you'd gain from RAID.

I mean, there's the obvious redundancy advantage, but as some here have pointed out, there are real dangers to proprietary RAID controllers.

Dunno if you saw my other thread about the NAS I want to build, but for now, I've decided against RAID, mostly because I know that the non-enterprise-level RAID stuff is not that great.

Many/most video/graphics editing programs are designed to have a "scratch" drive anyway, right? This wouldn't apply to a RAID config, I wonder if you might not get *worse* performance, depending exactly what software you use & how you use it.

Dunno about your level of tolerance for messing with stuff like this, but if I were you, I'd forget the RAID, have multiple internal drives, and make positive that you have 2-3 different backups that run as often as you need them to.
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