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Originally Posted by RussP View Post
This is to prevent open carriers from entering businesses, right?
Mostly yes. It also is to prevent concealed carriers from entering unless they have the enhancement and additional training. Then those signs do not apply. IIRC, a recent MS AG opinion also states that there is no violation of the law if an open carrier enters a business that is posted. The violation occurs if the open carrier refuses to leave when asked/told/ordered to and then it's a trespass violation. The same AG opined that it was lawful to open carry a rifle or shotgun as well. What do you want to bet that we see some people attempting that since these signs state pistol or revolver or at least several of the ones I've seen do.

Originally Posted by RussP View Post
Do they believe that the bad guys that are already patronizing their businesses, carrying concealed, illegally, are going to start open carrying? Yeah, right...

Will open carriers drive away those who choose to not accept responsibility for their own personal safety? If they feel shame and embarrassment, perhaps, but that is their call.

Will businesses post to prevent employees from OCing? Can they under MS law?

Give it time. Like everywhere else, there will be some growing pains. Then all will get back to normal - well, there will be some who will push the envelop, make the headlines, file the lawsuits...
MS is a right to work state. Most employers will cover this in an employee handbook. If disallowed the employee can be terminated but still not violate the law.

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