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Originally Posted by bdcochran View Post
...So, for those who fantasize, here are google citations:

..."In 1850 the life expectancy of a white male living in the U.S was thirty-eight years old. A Cowboys prime time in his life was about twenty-four. Many cowboys lasted well into there thirties but due to the hard work and many activities the men were tired and were owed a rest. "

...The reality is that when you go primitive, your chances of dying of disease and accidents is going to be very high. So, this has been a reality check for the members of the forum - only to be disregarded by the next guy who thinks he can become an isolate like a cowboy, American Indian or a farmer and survive in comfort while everyone else succumbs.

Not to mention the odds of even reaching adulthood in the first place. Haven't looked it up in a long time but iirc, it was something like a 20-28% mortality rate before age two, by settlers in the 1840's-1860's. Another example of "we don't realize how good we have it" in modern America.
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