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Originally Posted by Ryobi View Post
Incorrect. No fail involved with SERPA. While there are far better options, serpas work great in the hands of a competent shooter. Not comparable with a duty holster, but not comical like a safe-t-block or siderlock. That said, safariland 6377 is a better choice.
Far better? Far better? Why are they far better?

Comical? If I post news articles where people, well trained people, negligent discharge one in their leg, would that be comical reading for you?

I know of a police dispatch office, with a hole above the 911 switchboard, put there by a 35 year veteran of a major police force. Third largest city in the state. Is that comical?

There is nothing funny, ever, about safety.

Here is a movie clip about gun safety. Great movie, but in real life, would this be prudent?

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