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I was an RSO today with 15 concealed carry students. Range was about 100 rounds each student. Test is 30 rounds in a FBI Q target, 70% in to pass. 3', 6', 9' 12'. Never seen anyone fail it.

Two students had Glocks. 19 & 22 models. Both were new to Glocks, one was a new shooter.

Both were using Serpa II holsters.

It is interesting training people to use a safe action pistol with no external safeties, when I would never train or use my Glock in that way.

My personal commitment to safety, ammo never enters my Glock, unless the Trigger Block Safety is installed.

When I did my Concealed Carry Class, I qualified for my permit, using the trigger block safety. It was an extra step, but my personal fear of Glock Leg, is great. I made sure my students today were ever mindful of holstering their gun, and where their trigger finger was in relation to their gun. I do this with every student, but I am a little more cautious with Glocks.

This was not my class, I was one of five RSO's on the line.

However, when I start teaching the class as the Instructor, and being the CRSO on the range, in about 6 months, all Glocks in my class, in the hands of green Glock students, will be issued a Trigger Block Safety, and trained how to use it, and will use it on the range. LEOs and Glock trained people coming in to re-qualify for a CHP, I will allow to qualify on the range as they would normally use their firearm, but will be offered to try the trigger block safety.

Is this necessary? Is this too safe? Just exactly what is too safe?

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