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That big magazine bs only matters if you miss a lot, and who says that the enemy is going to let you get away with that, hmm? Is your home a good place for lots of bullets to be bouncing around? Do you really want to point your gun at everything at which you point a light? I don't.

If you will get a AA light that doesnt stupidly have its on/off switch on the butt cap, and has the switch where it SHOULD be,(ie, as a side button, not a sliding switch) your weak hand thumb can both hold the light and work the switch, and you wont have to alter your normal 2-handed grip at all. Much, much better deal than the contorted, weak firing position necessary with the buttcap type of light and switch.

Don't just blunder around your home with a light (attached to gun or not), asking to be shot or jumped, man. If you have the option, remove loud-hard soled or heeled footwear, turn on your HOUSE lights(preferably from cover) clear all the area you can, move to another point of cover, and continue clearing. If you hear or see anything that really does indicate enemy presence, then remain under cover, call the cops and WAIT for their arrival.

The only thing that justifies your leaving a barricaded safe position, is the need to go gather up loved ones and bring them to the safe room. If the issue is outside, let it STAY outside, and you stay inside. The odds for you are very bad if you go out there, and losses to property are what insurance and tax writeoffs are FOR.

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