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Originally Posted by bigdollars View Post
I do own the Sig P229 right now and since I have owned it for a long time (it is pre rail) I do have pre ban mags for it. I will never get rid of it, just wondering if I should get something else in addition to it or continue to be the man with 1 handgun. I did have an LC9 for a year that I just got rid of 1 month ago. I loved to carry it but it seemed cheap to me. I didn't trust my life with it. I even got the one with the crimson trace but still, I was weary of it.
My sub-compact is a HK P2000Sk 357 Sig Light LEM.
9+1 125 gr ~1300 fps, deadly accurate and 100% reliable.
I carry it with confidence.

My twin P2000 357s are even better.
But too large for ankle or pocket carry.

HK45C is my belt gun.

Of yours, for belt carry, I'd take the P229 without hesitation.
Although I'd get a 357 barrel for it - LOL!

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