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Originally Posted by bigdollars View Post
because the state i live in is communist. no colt, wilson, les baer, springfield, glock, xd, etc...
Ahhh, so.

Now that the circumstances are a bit more clear, and it isn't a "what if???/TEOTWAWKI" I have to ask if it is for CCW (highly unlikely I will bet) or all around/nightstand?

IMO a primarily HD handgun should have a rail for a light. That narrows it down quite a bit on that list. Also I hate to start a debate BUT if I were in a "gun hostile" State I would shy away from a SA design and given all (M*******), I would probably go with the M&P in 9mm.

Wow the censor feature edited "the abbreviation" for the State + "Hole"

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