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Originally Posted by srhoades View Post
Does it save versions? What happens if I save over a file and it copies that over across all the drives?
Yadis will do versioning though I don't use it and am thus not familiar with it.

Pretty easy to just download, install, and configure. Select a few files from your machine to save to an SD card or flash drive and see how it works.

As fast as computers are now the overhead of the machine making copies of files to another drive is minimal. For most people RAID is just too much.

I've read that if you do hardware RAID and your controller/motherboard die you can have issues accessing your data unless you use another board with the exact same hardware. RAID only has to do what is described in it's ANSI/ISO/IEEE spec's. How the hardware manages it is up to the hardware manufacturer.

Using Windows built in RAID eliminates this problem however it only does the same thing as Yadis! does with a lot more overhead.

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