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Originally Posted by ChiefWPD View Post
The idea of using a left handed trigger block safety for right handed shooters is an intriguing one from an officer safety standpoint. Should an officer lose his handgun to a bad guy it would certainly buy the officer some time to sort things out.

Many years ago a buddy of mine was working a sting operation (phoney "pawn shop" buying swag from local burglars and robbers). Long story short, two bad guys (who he had done "business with" in the past) came in to stick the place up. One grabbed my buddies Browning Hi-Power, which was in condition one (cocked and locked). The bad guy had already shot my buddy once in the chest with a .32 (slug just stopped short of his heart) and tried to finish the job with the Browning. Never could figure out how to get the gun to go off.

He didn't do so well when the back-up team came through the door with their 12 gauge shotgun and put an end to the nonsense. And, no, the bad guy didn't have to worry about going to jail, as he took a dirt nap.

Hope your buddy recovered fully.
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