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All six of his reasons can be boiled down to two concepts - inconsistency and intellectual dishonesty. And those two problems distill down to one word - immaturity.

His six reasons in bold:

Overconfidence - a mature, intellectually-honest person admits his limitations, and trains/practices enough to genuinely know them. This discovery and acceptance is not only more likely as one ages, it's more important as one ages.

Procrastination - This is one of my soapbox issues. A mature person does what is necessary, when it is necessary; and is honest enough with himself to be willing to leave his comfort zone when necessary. This isn't a prep thing, it's a life thing. As zig ziglar put it, "If you do what you ought to do, when you ought to do it, the time will soon come when you can do what you want to do, when you want to do it." Procrastination is simply the unwillingness to forgo the 'want to' items of immediate gratification and instead work on the 'ought to' items, while simply assuming that "it will all work out in the long run"; even if they intellectually know that to be unlikely and irrational.

Inefficient use of resources - much like 'procrastination' above, it's partly a problem of comfort zone, and largely an issue of ignorance; both of which are reduced as maturity and focus are increased.

Failure to act - typically induced by either fear or emotional unwillingness to accept what is seen; a mature person controls his fear and accepts reality, regardless of how uncomfortable or unpleasant that reality is.

Lack of persistence - ie, lack of consistency and lack of purpose; both signs of unstable, unfocused, immature thought processes.

Divided actions - Same as above. Even the bible says, "A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways", so this is more than just my personal opinion.

All that said, if he'd titled the article "Six Reasons MANY People won't Survive the Coming Collapse", I'd agree with him fully. There are a whole lot of inconsistent, intellectually-dishonest, immature, fearful, emotional, and double-minded people in the world; and seems like we have more than our fair share in modern America. The most frustrating part for me personally, is that not only would a simple dose of mature, intellectual honesty help overcome many of life's speed bumps for both individuals and society at large, it would actually prevent many of those speed bumps as well.

But it's easier to be a passenger on a bus than to drive your own car, and over the mid- to late-1900's our incredible prosperity as a nation allowed us to devolve from a society of individual drivers, into a collection of passengers.

That's why those of us who want to just be our own individuals are now seen as the odd and dangerous ones. The society of passengers thinks, "Why don't those guys just get on the bus with the rest of us?" The passengers consciously leave the driving to someone else, looking only out their side windows and seeing the beautiful scenery as it passes by; but never looking out the windshield for themselves, and so never seeing the cliff the bus is headed for.
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