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If you want to make your pistol so cumbersome to bring in to action that you need two hands, or difficult and time-consuming manipulations with one hand, that is your choice. But you should understand that not everyone who disagrees with your choice is foolish.

There are two primary groups of people in the gun world. Folks that have had Negligent Discharges of their firearms, and those that have not YET experienced a Negligent Discharge.
I have a half century of firearms behind me without a negligent discharge. How much longer do you think I have to wait? That statement is pretty demeaning and dismissive to those who take safe handling seriously.

There is another very small group of gun enthusiasts, folks that will go an extra mile, to do everything possible to ensure a negligent discharge could likely never happen. Folks in a supper line, eating fresh killed wild bore , telling everyone, this is my safety, as they roll their trigger finger in the air, do not fit this small group of safety minded people.
And you think those are the only two kinds of gun owners there are in the world - those who agree with you and some sort of slack-jaw that you describe? Similarly demeaning.

As for myself, just depending on training to keep my trigger finger off the trigger, is not only not enough, it would be unthinkable.
If you don't trust your training, more training and/or practice may be in order.

There are also any number of well-made pistols with thumb safeties, the vast majority of which are easier and faster to operate than the system you advocate, since the safeties are integrally designed into the pistols.

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