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Originally Posted by ShallNotBeInfringed View Post
How many farmers loose their heads in auger accidents each year? That number would be zero, if farmers would keep their head out of augers.

How many people die crossing streets each day? That number would be zero, if people quit crossing streets.

How many people die in posh restaurants each hear, from chocking on food? That number would be zero if we quit eating out, or liquidity our food, and suck it in through straws?

How many people, suffer a condition commonly referred to as Glock Leg each year? If that number was just one, and it is very much higher than that, with all firearms, not just Glocks, and often times, by highly trained professionals, re-holstering their guns, that number is too high.

My number one goal for carrying a firearm, is personal safety, for myself, my family, and my community. IMPO, a Glock, in condition one, is an ideal personal defense choice, if one has a trigger block safety, and then used in conjunction with a double or triple retention holster. My holster choice is Serpa II.

There are two primary groups of people in the gun world. Folks that have had Negligent Discharges of their firearms, and those that have not YET experienced a Negligent Discharge.

There is another very small group of gun enthusiasts, folks that will go an extra mile, to do everything possible to ensure a negligent discharge could likely never happen. Folks in a supper line, eating fresh killed wild bore , telling everyone, this is my safety, as they roll their trigger finger in the air, do not fit this small group of safety minded people.

Nuclear Power Plants do not have one safety system, to protect the public, they have overlapping, independent and redundant safety systems to ensure public safety.

As for myself, just depending on training to keep my trigger finger off the trigger, is not only not enough, it would be unthinkable.

So you are saying you do not trust yourself? I have been staring at my glock all morning, it hasn't gone off yet. It won't unless I walk over and place my finger on the trigger and apply pressure.

I think for you it is just a confidence and training issue. Shoot more, train more, and build your confidence, then you will not have to rely on an injection molded 5 cent widget to give you and your family a false sense of security.

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