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Through My Own Ignorance, I Created The Worlds Safe-est Action Glock

Many of you scoff at the few of us that use trigger block safeties on our Glocks. I was banned from a Glock forum for even mentioning people should try one in their Glocks.

A couple of days ago, I retired my 20 year old Glock 20, and purchased a Gen 3 Glock 20SF. The Safe-T-Blok from the old trigger does not work on post 98 production Glocks, so I ordered a new one.

Came today, and guess what? Left Hand. EEEEEKKKK! That is not exactly what I said, but this is a family friendly forum, so call that close enough.

As I was ordering another one, right hand this time, I discovered, nothing could be safer, than making it impossible for the right index finger alone, to shoot the firearm. Completely and Utterly Impossible!

Left hand on chest, right hand on Glock, pull gun, rotate gun, moving gun forward, left hand merges with right hand, left hand pops out trigger block during extension of arms (limbs), right finger engages trigger, BANG.

I will start training this way, and keep this thread posted as to my progress, and failures.

I will need to further modify my Serpa II holsters to now accept a left hand trigger block safety, takes just a minute to remove a little plastic from the holster, not changing the design function.

Literarily License: I give full license for all Trigger Block Safety detractors to engage me fully in this thread. Please no "Your Momma Wears Army Boots, or inbreeding comments (all true, but uncalled for in forum banter), but a full decision of everything Safe Action Trigger is welcome!

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General Glocking

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