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Originally Posted by BEER View Post
i'll be damned if i let somebody else dictate what color i paint my home, or what i park in my driveway. you pay my my taxes and make my payments then you can tell me how high my grass can get, until then go **** yourself.
Your local code compliance officer can. All it takes is phone call from a neighbor.

Sec. 6.203 Tall Weeds and Grass

It shall be unlawful for the owner of any lot, building, house, establishment or premises in the city to allow or permit weeds, grasses or other growth to grow to a height in excess of eighteen (18) inches without mowing or cutting same. Lots, as regulated herein, shall refer to any lot, tract or parcel of land not exceeding in area five (5) contiguous acres. (Ordinance 448 adopted 6/18/01)
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