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I live in a big, powerful, tight-fisted HOA / managed community. Homes from about $200K through $1M+. The list of restrictions and mandatory stuff is so long I got tired reading it and gave up. I pay about $1,000 per year for the privilege of being micromanaged.

And, I love it. Why? Because I agree with just about every rule and maintain my home to at or better than the HOA standards. The neighborhood looks like Disneyworld, every tree, shrub, and lawn mowed, just so. We have half a dozen beautiful community pools, tennis courts, and a common rec facility overlooking a big lake that is first rate. No junky cars, no weird additions, no above ground pools, no ugly flamingos in the front yard. Just house after house of homogeneous beauty. If I didn't like having everyone be so squared away, I wouldn't have moved here.

In my one year of living here, I've had exactly two interactions with the HOA:

1. A week after I moved in, and before I had a chance to mow the lawn after it had gone un-mowed for about two weeks, I got a nasty-gram post card about mowing. Got it mowed and never heard another word.

2. Needed permission to widen my driveway 10'. Filled out the request, waited two weeks, got approved.
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