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We have one HOA in our area and it has been nothing but trouble. Hard to explain without going into the geography, and a lot of details but just bear with me here.

A housing development was built on a hill with farmland on one side and rural semi-forest on the other side. They established an HOA.

A couple of years ago a couple of teenage kids were deer hunting in the forest land with the owner's permission. They followed a deer and shot it at the bottom of the hill. A totally safe and ALMOST legal shot, but for the fact that the deer was a few feet onto the unused property of one of the HOA members. Things like that happen in rural America but the property owner was no hunter and, although the were no markers to delineate the property he came down and raised a squawk with the kids. They agreed to placate the old fudd by washing his car. All fine. They did it he was satisfied and things were good.

HOWEVER the fascist power-mad president of the HOA invoked his power under the HOA charter to press charges on behalf of the HOA.

It came close to creating a "pitchfork and torches-tar and feather" situation as two local kids were hauled into court over something that had already been "settled" between the kids and the actual property owner.

"Shunned" would be a good word for the treatment of the members of the HOA. "Oh, you live THERE?" Since then, over 50% of the homes have either been sold or are on the market.

I can't say that they might not serve a purpose SOMEWHERE, but just plopping one down just because there are 10 houses built on a hill in the middle of rural America is not a good idea. It has taken control of the property and decision making away from the actual owners and made them pariahs in the community. No locals will move there. those who remain are hardcore "HOA vs Community" types.

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