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Originally Posted by HKLovingIT View Post
Some starting points.

Do you have one where you live?

Are you for or against them?

Have you ever had a dispute with one? What happened?

Is any regulation they come up with fair game since the home buyer agreed?

Communist plot or free market in action?

Do you think they in some way violate your property rights or not?

Are they more beneficial or useful in a neighborhood with moderate or lower priced homes than say an upscale development? (Pricing per your region).

I have never had a realtor mention it to me nor have I had it part of a real estate transaction. I did live in one neighborhood where there was a Neighborhood Association. It was voluntary and dues were voluntary. Dues went to street light maintenance and putting on a couple cookouts each year. Other than that it had no function, there was nothing to sign. If you didn't mow your grass or you hung up a Jolly Roger flag all you got was the stink-eye from the neighbors.

It seems from what I can gather that legalistic HOAs are a big deal in the South. Maybe they are elsewhere. What's up? Tell what you know.

(Edited to add: I am fundamentally opposed to the idea as it seems a great opportunity for busybodies to make big pricks out of themselves with legal backing. But, as I have never lived in one, maybe I have it wrong. I'm open to other views.)
1. I live in a sub-neighborhood with a strong HOA.
2. I would not consider living in a SFH neighborhood, urban or suburban, without a strong HOA.
3. I've never had a single issue from any HOA - I take care of my stuff.
4. It's free market/contract law and nothing else.
5. HOAs do not violate my PPRs.
6. I would guess HOAs are more important in lower cost neighborhoods. That said my area has homes from $500K-$10,000,000+ and we still have jack-butts who can't mow their grass regularly.
7. HOAs docs must be included in closing paperwork around here - there are no surprises.
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