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My answers in red.

Do you have one where you live?


Are you for or against them?

I'm against them and will never live where there is one and I'll very likely become a very unneighborly neighbor toward any jackass that even suggests one. I have absolutely no interest in paying thousands of $$$$ for a piece of property then paying dues on top of that to have my control-freak, OCD neighbors tell me how to live on MY property.

Have you ever had a dispute with one? What happened?


Is any regulation they come up with fair game since the home buyer agreed?

Yes. They were dumb enough to agree.

Communist plot or free market in action?

Not a communist plot or even free market action. More of a plot by a bunch of a-holes with OCD control issues that have no life of their own.

Do you think they in some way violate your property rights or not?

No, not if you signed the contract and agreed to the provisions..
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